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A true sea shanty: the story behind the Longitude prize. 18th May 2014
John Harrison's timekeeping devices changed nautical history. Three centuries later, a worthy successor could win £10m.
Neanderthals and me: we go back a long way. 23rd March 2014
Can the ancient tusks of the extinct species retrieved from Arctic ice tell us exactly why it died out?.
Humans are more than clever apes? Don't make me laugh. 1st Feb 2014
Most qualities we think of as particularly 'human' can be seen elsewhere in the animal kingdom, thanks to evolution.
Why I won't be going back to Noah's Ark creationist zoo. 8th Dec 2013
A creationist zoo in Bristol will bewilder adults and potentially undermine children's education.
Roar of the rutting stag: why men have deep voices. 6th Oct 2013
The behaviour of rutting stags helps explain why men have evolved descended larynges.
Fruit flies: a very distant cousin. 18th August 2013
The tiny insect has been behind amazing discoveries in genetics – and now it's a mainstay of embryology.
Why must childbirth be such hard labour? 30th June 2013
New evidence about why women give birth when they do has turned received opinion on its head.
On the horns of a mammoth dilemma. 19th May 2013
Can the ancient tusks of the extinct species retrieved from Arctic ice tell us exactly why it died out?
Why are Bounty reps allowed on maternity wards?. 28th April 2013
The NHS has no business to be handing new mums 'Bounty packs' and advertising leaflets for private services.
Why I take the scientific approach to having a baby. 10th March 2013
Deciding where to have your baby can be tough – especially when evidence on the safety of home versus hospital birth is interpreted differently by advocates of each
Drop the antibiotics, we need a new battle plan..... 20th Jan 2013
For 80 years antibiotics have helped us to fight disease. But bacteria are growing resistant – so it's time we stopped treating winter colds with such a powerful weapon.
Rudolph and our early ancestors – a love story. 23rd Dec 2012
Reindeer have been revered and hunted by man for tens of thousands of years. They are a living, breathing connection to a lost world.
The truth about bovines, badgers and the spread of TB. 11th Nov 2012
Convention held that humans had caught tuberculosis from cattle – but the DNA record tells a different story.
Humans may notice a chill in the air. 30th Sept 2012
Radical temperature fluctuations are a fact of life on Earth, and we're lucky to be enjoying a brief, balmy interglacial. But look out when it stops.
Shining a fresh light on vitamin D. 19th Aug 2012
Whatever your skin colour, making the most of the sun – carefully – is crucial for ensuring a healthy immune system
Face to face with a glyptodont. 1st July 2012
An armoured shell and a body the size of a car couldn't save the ice age's giant glyptodonts. But were humans or climate change to blame?
Leonardo saw the body as a beautiful, complex machine. 13th May 2012
There are errors in Leonardo da Vinci's anatomical work, but an exhibition of his notebooks shows his true genius.
Why the fertility textbooks will have to be rewritten. 8th April 2012
In her first column for the Observer, Alice Roberts finds that an age-old problem with human fertility may have been cracked